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 Contact or 979-345-3313 to request more information.  We can email current pictures and pricing.

Fenn Brahmans can be found working in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, West Virginia, and all parts of Texas.

The Fenn Brahmans network has a client base of ranches using 250+ Registered Brahman females.  If we don't have them available, we know where you can get cattle.

 Pictures of some of our happy customers

They liked the first heifer so much, they came back the next year and bought the full sister (in background) of the first heifer (in foreground).


Fenn Brahmans bred to Hereford bulls in Texas Fenn Brahmans bred to Hereford bulls in Texas.  Look at the disposition of the F1 calves out of Fenn Brahman cows.



Fenn Brahmans in Moundsville, WV Fenn Brahmans doing fine in the winter of Moundsville, WV.



  Fenn Brahmans in Kansas.