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Bill Fenn and his horse Ginger

Bill Fenn working cattle

Joe Fenn working cattle on his 69th birthday.

Joe Fenn working Brahmans in 2006.


Cool and Unusual: (click to enlarge the pictures)                                                                             

Two cows with locked hornsCheck out this photo of two COWS who actually locked horns in a fight.  This is a truly one in a million incident. The event occurred in remote pasture in south Texas in 2004.  The only way to release the two cows was to rope them, lay them on the ground and saw off a piece of one of the cow's horns.  Both cows would have died within a few days if this action had not been taken.  They could not be driven or loaded for hauling and were miles away from any facilities.  Both cows survived with minor scrapes from their scuffling.


Cat and cow laying down together Ginger (the cat) and Cathy (the heifer) grew up in the same barn. The cat would go to the heifers stall.  The heifer got interested in the cat an started licking her.  They did this daily for many months.  Now that the heifer has been turned outside, the cat goes out to the pasture to get her daily massage.  While the heifer didn't "raise" the cat, there is still some type of bond between the two animals.


Pictures of Some Exotic Breeds of Cattle:

Beefalo cowThis is a Beefalo (half cow / half buffalo).



White BuffaloThis white buffalo was at an exotic animal park in Arkansas.



Ankole Watusi cattle Ankole-Watusi African cattle in Arkansas.


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