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Here are some action shots of halter training a set of our calves.

The process starts when they are born.  I get the cows and calves trusting me so that I can put my hands on the calves and have them coming to me as soon as possible.  It takes regular interaction (at least once a week) with the herd. I also creep feed the calves so that there is virtually no stress during the weaning process.  The first week of weaning, I can still have the calves come to me for interaction.  The second week of weaning, I vaccinate, dehorn, and brand the calves.  The third week after weaning, I put halters on the calves that are show prospects.  Throughout the process, I keep the calves coming to me for interaction.  The fourth week after weaning, I snap a lead rope into the halter and during the first session the calves are capable of being led without having been tied to a post.  I don't have to leave the lead rope dragging on the halter, I can remove it after each session and still have the calves come to me for interaction and more training.  

Calves during first week of weaning.

1st week of weaning

Sara with a calf on the second day of halter rope training.

Sara with a heifer on the second day on the halter rope.

Bill and his lead trainer Sara.

We don't need tractors or donkeys to train our heifers.

Handling two at a time

Two fists full of bull.


2nd day on lead rope

Look ma, no rope. Session is over.


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