NDG Mr. Roc Leo Manso 150

NDG Mr Roc Leo Manso 150

150 runs continuously in pasture and maintains his weight and smooth look while delivering 100% calf crops.  He is has strong bone and passes it to a small birth weight calf.  He is deep bodied and straight backed. Topped off with a disposition that allows handling in any situation.

NDG Mr Roc Leo Manso 150 (as a calf)


150 was  smooth, powerfu,l deep-bodied looking calf and still maintains that smooth look. His dam was a Garrett Cattle Co cow and sire was a grandson of my original herd sire Madeline's 301 (Hugh- The Killer Bull)

WRF Mr Brett Manso 83


83 is a bull that I raised, sold as a yearling, and bought back as a four-year old when the owner died and needed to downsize the herd.

WRF Mr Brett Manso 83


83 goes back to my Guy Jeans and Harold Dingle lines and will be bred to the 150 daughters that I have kept.

JG Mr Jiggs Manso 176/2


This is my backup bull when I need to out-cross to different bloodlines.

JG Mr Jiggs Manso 176/2


176 is a cross between a Garrett Cattle Co cow and one of my previous herd sires ISM Mr. Jiggs Kallion 103  (a JDH Karu Manso 800 grandson).

OLD HERD SIRES - 1995 to 2012

HSD Sugaratta 80


HSD Sugarattta 80 the last Brahman bull off of the Harold Dingle ranch.  A very fertile bull who naturally serviced cattle on  five different ranches in south Texas and left a calf crop in his cows when he was retired at 15 years old.  I once witnessed my dad ride into a small crowd pen of cattle on his horse and stand his horse next to this bull until 80 went into the chute with the cows,  A feat that few have ever done.

Claire's 300 (aka Bullzilla)


Claire's 300 was a great grandson on his  dam's side of Register of Renown bull JDH Ellery M Manso. and a HSD Sugaratta 80 son.  Joe  Fenn used him as a herd sire and sold him to Guy L. Jeans Jr.

Madeline's 301 (aka Hugh)


I picked Hugh as my herd sire, because he was the quietest best dispositioned Brahman animal that I had ever encountered.  A super deep bodied bull with a straight back.  My favorite bull of all time. 

The Legendary WEF Zillas Oswald 334


The best bull calf raised by my dad the year that I bought his herd. Super gentle. Classic Manso droop horns. Sold to Guy Jeans Jr. sight unseen from a conversation.  When Guy sold out his herd, we had Jacko Garrett buy and use Oswald. Oswald is living and working now at Lazy J Ranch in George West, TX. The day this picture was taken he had a roofing nail in the sole of his foot. We put him between two gates and reached under his foot with a pair of small pliers.  He never moved.  I loved Oswald but couldn't keep him because half of my herd was his dam and sisters. One half-sister is my first ABBA Maternal Merit cow. A second half-sister is well on the way to her award.

GLJ Maru Manso 474/2


A grandson of HSD Sugaratta 80 out of a Guy Jeans daughter cow.  

WEF Moby Manso 344


A son of GLJ Maru Manso 474/2.  A daughter of this bull bred to Oswald 334 won third place in the open show in 2016 in San Antonio beaten only by two JDH heifers.  344 is also the sire of my first ABBA 2019 Maternal Merit Cow. WEF Ms M Manso 58.

Other Reference sires (2012 - Present) and Dams

WEF Leonidas Manso 24


A son of Hugh 301.  Used for two years by Garrett Cattle Co.  Hugh 301's mama went back to one of their Resoto Manso bulls.  Super gentle.  Trained to carry a saddle as a yearling until I decided that I needed to have him be my herd sire.  

Comet Manso 44


One of my herd bulls. A son of WEF Moby Manso 334. Currently working for Lazy J Ranch.

WEF Mr Garrett Manso 57


Son of WEF Leonidas Manso 24 bred to one of the last daughters of HSD Sugaratta 80 bred and raised by J.T. (Jack) Garrett (also one of old Mr. Jack's last cows.) 

PH Miss Manso 316/7

PH Miss Manso 316/7

Calved in 1997 by B.P. Hermes of Hallettsville, TX. Purchased by Joe Fenn in 1998 as a yearling in a pen of three.

Dam of WEF Zillas Oswald 316, WEF Ms M Manso 58 and other Fenn Brahmans females.  Produced until 19 years old.

WEF Ms M Manso 58

WEF Ms M Manso 58

My 2019 ABBA Maternal Merit cow.  Will be seven years old in August 2019 and deliver her 6th calf in May/June 2019. Daughter of WEF Moby MAnso 344 and PH Miss Manso 316/7.

Miss GJ Manso 307

Miss GJ Manso 307

Miss GJ Manso 307 raised by Joe Fenn. The dam of WEF Leonidas Manso 24. This cow stayed in this condition year round and produced many calves.